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“Windy Wellington” is a staple on any road trip in New Zealand. It’s the capital city of New Zealand and also where you catch the ferry from the North Island to the South Island. Although it is a windy city, it’s a city that has stolen my heart!

When I first rented a car to road trip around New Zealand all those years ago I was so surprised to learn rental cars are almost always not allowed on the ferry as it voids the insurance – a fact I wanted to bring up here to help you. It turns out you just need to rent the car in in Picton when you cross the Cook Straight.

Aside from that small inconvenience, Wellington is a lovely place to visit and as you’ll find out it’s a hip, young city with cool bars, amazing food and tons of nearby attractions.

I’ve been to Wellington many times, and it’s my favorite big city in New Zealand. The culture here reminds me of Melbourne in Australia or Toronto in Canada. It’s about small businesses, coffee shops, and food from all around the world.

Below are my travel guides about visiting Wellington, New Zealand, keep reading and you’ll see that there’s more to this city than meets the eye!

View of Wellington City from Mount Victoria Lookout at sunset in New Zealand

Best Things to do in Wellington

You’d think the capital city of New Zealand would be a concrete jungle without many natural attractions. However, unlike most cities, Wellington truly mixes urban living with nature, and over the years, my list of awesome things to do in Wellington has reflected that.

This guide comes from all my visits to the city and although I include many of the top attractions, I’ve used my local knowledge to share hidden gems you won;t find anywhere else!

Wellington Travel Guides

Wellington Road Trips

Nearby Places

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