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Personalized Itinerary Review Service

Personalized Itinerary Review Service

You asked…and I listened! Many of you have been asking for years if I could provide an itinerary review service to help you plan your trip to NZ. Well, here it is (finally!)

I now offer a personalized itinerary review service so that you can easily book your New Zealand trip without a worry in the world.

Having lived and traveled in New Zealand, I know what makes an epic trip. Now, my experience is at your fingertips with this customized itinerary service. Get my advice on your plans with my Itinerary Review Service, or take it a step further and hire me to curate an itinerary just for you.

Here is how it works:

Do you already have a rough itinerary in place? Or maybe you have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to do, but you’re not sure if your route makes sense or if the time frame is workable. Great! Let me take it from there!

With my Itinerary Review Service, all you have to do is simply send me your itinerary and let me tell you exactly what I think.

What I would change.

What I would suggest instead.

I’ll also recommend top experiences or attractions that I think you would personally enjoy that you haven’t planned for just yet.

Send me what you have planned already, and I’ll get back to you with my detailed feedback. This feedback will be both LOGICAL (making sure the itinerary actually will work with travel times, opening dates, etc) and EXCITING (suggesting epic activities and adventures that I know you would love based on your other interests and plans.)

After my feedback, you’ll have actionable steps of what to book next and what direction to take your itinerary.

The best part is that you’ll have peace of mind that your trip will work, be fun, and be exactly what you dreamed of.

Don’t have an itinerary for me to review?

In this case, you have two options:

1) Get busy creating your itinerary and use my review service once you are ready. You can still purchase my review service now since it is on sale here. Simply email me your itinerary once you have it all ready for review!

2) Hire me to create your itinerary from scratch. Simply click here to fill out my initial form of questions, and then I’ll get back to you with a custom quote for creating your itinerary from scratch. Please note that this is a very intensive process that involves planning your trip from start to finish with more details than you can imagine in between, so prices for this service start at $500 USD and increase based on trip length.

I’m not just helping you create the trip of a lifetime; I’m also giving you peace of mind.

Why Should You Use My Personalized Itinerary Review Service?

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My review and itinerary planning are all customized to YOU. I’ll consider your travel style, budget, interests, and goals.

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Let’s be honest, planning a big trip is no easy task. With my help, you’ll know that your itinerary is excellent. Sleep well leading up to your trip knowing that an expert has given it a tick of approval.

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You could spend countless hours triple-checking and researching your trip. With my review service, all you have to do is ask me! Save days and days of time scouring the internet. My reviews are always completed within 5 business days!

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I’ll tell you where to best spend your money, including free activities. I’ll also help you prevent costly mistakes on your itinerary.

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I offer a satisfaction guarantee! This means that if you are not happy with my service, simply let me know so that I can make it right**

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I will help you make your dream holiday come to life! Let me help you have the best trip possible!

**Please Note: Due to the personalized nature of this service, I am unable to offer refunds. However, if you are unhappy with the service at all, please let me know so that I can be sure to make it right. For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the page here.


“Bailey’s itinerary review was worth every penny. Just like her blogs, she is so detailed and thorough. She had ideas and pointers about things I would’ve never thought about on my own. I’m certain that without her help our trip would’ve been a mess. Thank you, Bailey!”

Brandon Phillips, Australia

“Bailey helped me create the perfect two-week road trip on the South Island. She even selected hikes that she thought my fiance and I would enjoy, and we loved them. The practical advice made planning so much easier for me. And our trip was wonderful in the end! I can’t wait to return to New Zealand and get Bailey’s help to plan a trip on the North Island.”

David Milbourne, Australia

“We rarely went long on our travels without someone asking “what does Bailey say is next?!”  We really felt like you were part of our holiday and we all just wanted to thank you so much.”

Caroline Johnstone, United Kingdom

“Thanks for all your great guidance. We have spent a month in New Zealand, leaving in two days.  Your guidance has been critical to us.  Keep doing what you are doing.”

Daniel J. Capra, United States

What I Need from You

If you’re interested in my Itinerary Review Service, great! There are just a few things I need from you to make sure you’ll get the most possible out of this service. I want to make sure you love my service, and in order for it to work, I need to know as much as possible about your trip and you.

Your Itinerary

You will already need an itinerary created to use my Itinerary Review Service. This means that you need a detailed outline of where you plan to go, what you plan to do, and how you plan to get around.

A good itinerary includes:

  • Where will your trip start and end? This should include the airport you are flying in/out of and your flight dates. If you have not booked flights already, please include your intended starting and end point.
  • How long you will be traveling for? Please include dates, or at the very least, the number of days you are traveling
  • A day-by-day schedule. This should show me where you plan on going and for how long. For example: Day 1- Arrive in Christchurch and pick up rental car. Day 2 – Drive from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo. Night star gazing tour. Day 3 – Drive from Lake Tekapo to Mount Cook….etc.
  • Any activities or attractions that are must-dos! Make sure you’ve allotted time for the things you really want to see and do.
  • Please tell me how you plan on getting around. If you want to rent a car, please tell me! The same goes for campervans, buses, trains, etc. I need to know how you plan on getting around so I can tell you if your plans work well or not.

Note: If you don’t already have an itinerary in the works, then my Itinerary Review Service likely isn’t for you. Please consider my Customer Itinerary Planning instead. You can fill out an expression of interest with this form here.

Service Details

Bailey at the Mount Cook road viewpoint with the stunning highway in the background on a road trip in New Zealand
Are you ready to create your trip of a lifetime?


  • What I’ll need from you: After you complete payment, you’ll be directed to a page where you can upload your current itinerary. You will already need to have an itinerary in place for this service to work (please ensure your itinerary covers all of the points mentioned above.) Alternatively, email me at
  • Timeframe: You will get my review within 5 business days. I will send it to you via email.
  • Price: On sale for $100 USD (regular price is $200 USD.) Right now, you’ll get my itinerary review at half-price for my LAUNCH SALE!


This is perfect for you if you want to hire somebody to create your itinerary for you. This includes a day-by-day schedule, hotel recommendations, activity recommendations, and more! This is all done for you based on your travel-style, interests, holiday length, and budget.

  • What I’ll need from you: Please complete this form, which is an expression of interest, complete with a few questions I’ll need to know about you.
  • Price: Based on the completed form, I’ll get back to you with a custom price. The price depends on the length of the trip, the level of detail required, the number of people, and more. Please note that it takes me a very long time to create the perfect trip for you, so itinerary planning service prices start from $500 USD.

What are you waiting for?

Bailey points at the Bob's Cove viewpoint known as picnic point at Bob's Cove Beach
I’m ready to help you plan your trip!

My Itinerary Review Service is 50% off today!

This is a brand new service I am offering, so for a limited time, you can snag my review service for only $100 USD (the regular price is $200 USD!)

Terms and Conditions

Please click here to read the full terms and conditions.

Bailey looks out the window of her rental car in NZ
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