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5 MOST Trusted New Zealand Campervan Rental Companies

5 MOST Trusted New Zealand Campervan Rental Companies

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So you’re going to travel through New Zealand by campervan, congratulations! You are about to embark on one epic road trip. The problem is, who should you trust to outfit you with a sleek and mean campervan machine?

Since I began living in New Zealand and taking frequent campervan road trips, I’ve gotten the lay of the land when it comes to the best companies to use for rentals. Depending on your needs, the size of your group, and your budget I understand it can be a time-consuming process to find the right one. So, I put together this list of the 5 most trusted companies you can count on for a fantastic experience.

Quick Pick: My Favorite Option

If you don’t want to compare different companies, no worries! Personally, I have a clear winner – my favorite and most trusted campervan company in New Zealand is JUCY. I love the layout of their campervans, which fit 2-4 people and a surprising amount of stuff. They have both self-contained and non self-contained options with basic necessities and optional extras. You can also choose specific vehicles with a cleaning fee and bring a furry friend!

They offer pick up and drop off from Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown Airports and I’ve found the whole renting process super easy. When renting for a week during low season, prices run from $46-$189 NZD per day – and if you use my discount code DTRAVEL24 at checkout, you’ll get 5% knocked off the price!

What are the most trusted Campervan rentals in New Zealand?


Bailey stands in front of a right green JUCY campervan
JUCY is one of my favorite campervan rental companies!
Looking at the jucy chaser campervan rear seats in New Zealand
Always clean and comfortable when you rent with JUCY
  • Pick up/drop off locations: Christchurch, Auckland, and Queenstown airports
  • Types of Campervans: 2 – 4 person self-contained and non self-contained, all with automatic transmission 
  • Price range: $46 NZD – $189 NZD per day during low season when renting for a week 

Since 2001, JUCY Rentals has been the premier campervan outfitter for New Zealand and my favorite service to use when renting a campervan.

Starting in their garage and building custom-order vans, Dan Alpe and his brother have been leading market trends since the beginning. They took years of experience and put it together with their fun, family, pride, and passion motto to create one of the best services for renting a campervan in New Zealand and Australia. With some of the best rental prices in the country, it’s easy to see why they are the most popular campervan service to date.

Their award-winning and standout campervans range from self-contained to non self-contained. All campervans regardless of the model come with cutlery, dinnerware, linen, pillows, towels, and AA roadside assistance. Optional add-ons like a roof rack, GPS, or camping tables and chairs can be added for your convenience. Honestly, that GPS can come in handy – especially if you’re driving in more remote areas that don’t get great cell reception (like the journey from Queenstown to Milford Sound – one of my faves!).

If you’re traveling with a pet, there is a specific line of vehicles you can rent with a cleaning fee so your furry friend can come along!

Jucy chaser campervan by the ocean in New Zealand
So many places to explore with JUCY!

Their lineup consists of 3 automatic models:

  • The JUCY Condo (Toyota Hiace) is their most popular self-contained campervan. It comfortably sleeps 4 people with a double bed up top and on the bottom. This is the one I use for road trips!
  • Following in its steps is the JUCY Cruiser (Fiat Ducato). It’s also self-contained and sleeps 4, but is a little tighter inside since it lacks an “upstairs” and instead utilizes a double bed bunk setup.
  • Finally, you have the JUCY Crib (Toyota Estima). This is their budget 2-person non self-contained campervan that packs a surprising amount into its smaller frame compared with the others!

Pick-up and drop-off locations are at either the Auckland, Christchurch, or Queenstown airports. The whole process is quick and easy with the option to pick it up at one airport and then drop it off at another. Everything from their campervans to the check-in process has been designed to be convenient for you, the traveler, and ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. If you’re still unsure whether you want to go with JUCY, read my full review of JUCY campervans here!

Note: If you like the sound of Juicy’s campervans, but want something a little more high-end and spacious, they also have their Star RV service which offers a range of motorhomes. You can select Star RV on their website with your chosen dates to see what models and prices they offer.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: I’ve organized a special discount code that will get you 5% off if you book your campervan or motorhome through JUCY or Star RV! Simply click here to select your JUCY campervan, or click here to select your Star RV motorhome, and then use the code DTRAVEL24 at checkout to get 5% off – it’s that easy!

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2. Mad Campers 

A Mad Campers campervan in NZ
I loved my one-person campervan with Mad Campers
  • Pick up/drop off locations: Auckland and Christchurch
  • Types of Campervans: 1-2 person self-contained and non self-contained, automatic or manual depending on model 
  • Price Range: $45 NZD – $180 NZD per day during low season when renting for a week 

Mad Campers started in 2017 when three friends decided to take their passion for exploring New Zealand’s great outdoors to a whole new level. They believe the best way to experience the country is with a well-outfitted campervan and I totally agree!

Their goal is to provide you with a camper that can take you just about anywhere you want to go at a price that is almost too good to be true. They even have the Mad Challenge where you get 5% off on your return if you get a picture of yourself at different places around New Zealand! I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my bucket list.

All campervans come with essentials like cutlery, bowls, linens, pillows, and AA breakdown assistance while extras like tables and chairs can be rented at a cost. Other great additions to their self-contained fleet are an extendable hose tap for washing dishes or your feet after the beach, a passport lockbox, and an auxiliary battery. Animals are strictly prohibited in any of the campervans, so if you have a furbaby you want to bring, you should consider another service.

Mad Campers offers 4 different types of campervans that you can rent:

  • The Mad Explorer (LDV Deliver 9) is their premium self-contained 2-person campervan with all the bells and whistles. It can have either an automatic or manuel transmission.
  • Their Mad 2 (Nissan Vanette or similar) is a smaller 2-person self-contained camper with automatic transmission.
  • The Mad 1 (Nissan Cube or similar) is a 1-person self-contained variation of the Mad 2.
  • Finally, you have the Mad Adventurer (Toyota RAV4), a 2-person non self-contained camper equipped with a comfortable James Baroud roof tent. It’s also an automatic.

If you would like to quickly compare the features of their campervans, you can see a comparison chart here

Pick-up and drop-off can be done at either of their locations in Auckland or Christchurch between 9 am to 4 pm with some exceptions for late drop-off. The whole process is quick and easy with their friendly team and they will have you on the road in no time!

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3. Escape Campervan Rentals

Escape Rentals campervan lakeside!
Photo credit: Escape Rentals
  • Pick up/drop off locations: Auckland and Christchurch 
  • Types of Campervans: 1-3 people self-contained and non self-contained Nissan Caravan. Can get either manual or automatic ($10 fee to specify transmission type)
  • Price Range: $53 NZD – $63 NZD per day during low season when renting for a week

For over 20 years Escape Campervan Rentals has been providing stylish and low-cost campervans to adventurous travelers in New Zealand. Rob Mewton, a New Zealand native and avid traveler-turned-entrepreneur has made it his life work to provide people from all over the world a top-tier experience with some sweet down-to-earth campervans. Overall, I like that they have a minimalist design but still manage to maintain comfort and keeps prices low – and that goes for both their self-contained and standard models.

Every campervan comes with everything you need to cook and eat from the mini kitchen in the back as well as linens and pillows for its queen-size bed. However, it’s the solar shower and camping chairs that really seal the deal for me! Of course, 24-hour roadside assistance is included and you can rent optional items like a camping table if you want.

An important note is that they have both manual and automatic transmissions. Unless you want to pay $10 NZD for a specific transmission guarantee, you could get either.

Regardless of whether you get a self-contained or standard model (both are Nissan Caravans), the layout of each will be the same except that the self-contained option comes with a portable toilet for the back. Storage is plentiful and the custom spray paint job is sure to impress everyone who sees you on the road! Trust me, I’ve driven past these bad boys and they definitely catch your eye. Just get ready to be cozy if there are 3 of you because there is only the queen-sized bed. 

Pick-up and drop-off are quick and easy, and can be done in either Auckland or Christchurch. Pets are welcome to stay with you in the van from October to June with some minor restrictions – so if you want to bring your furbaby, contact them beforehand.

4. Britz Campervan Hire

the outside of a Britz Campervan in New Zealand
This is one of the larger models that Britz has available – they have smaller ones too.
  • Pick up/drop off locations: Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch 
  • Types of Campervans: 2-4 people self-contained, automatic transmission (occasionally also offer limited-time motorhomes for up to 5)
  • Price Range: $83 NZD – $447 NZD per day during low season when renting for a week

Britz Campervan Hire is a large company well-known in New Zealand for their luxury vehicles and convenience-oriented approach. Having lived here for some time, I can tell you they are a safe and trusted option by both locals and visitors, and have been around for over 30 years.

Britz provides everything you need for a comfortable beginning-to-end experience. Overall, I think they’re great for families who want to hit the road or a larger group of friends.  

Each of the self-contained campervans is incredibly spacious and comes equipped with a large fridge, microwave, gas stove, shower, and toilet. Some even have an awning! I am not picturing myself pulling over to enjoy an outdoor picnic with some much-appreciated shade!

Everything that you would need for general living is included. If you plan on traveling for more than a week, you can request fresh linens so everything stays fresh and clean. This is particularly nice if you’re traveling with a furry friend (at a small fee) and need a change of sheets after they inevitably find a mud puddle.

Britz offers 2 campervans for rent. They also have occassionally have motorhomes, and you can check the full list of available options on their website here. Overall, their campervans tend to run on the larger side compared to some of the other options I mentioned. However, they come with all the bells and whistles to make for a super plush road trip.

The smaller of their 2 campervans is the 2-Berth Venturer. This is 2-person, self-contained campervan with an automatic transmission. It comes equiped with a kitchen, shower, and toilet along with a dining table and a double bed – it’s basically a little home on the road!

Their 4-Berth Discovery is also automatic and comes with everything the 2-Berth Venturer does. However, the dining table converts into an additional double bed. So the main difference here is – you guessed it – it can fit 4 people!

Britz makes the pick-up and onboarding process simple with a THL road trip app that you download before your arrival. It has helpful videos on how to operate your vehicle and what to expect for pick-up and drop-off – pretty much all you have to do is go get the keys! Another huge perk of their service is the ability to get your camper from one location and drop it off at another for no extra charge. 

5. Campa South Rentals

A Ducato red camper van from Campa South Rentals in Christchurch, New Zealand
Photo credit: Campa South Rentals
  • Pick up/drop off locations: Christchurch and Auckland
  • Types of Campervans: 1-3 people self-contained, automatic and manual options
  • Price Range: $85 NZD – $260 NZD for 10-24 days during low season

Campa South Rentals has only been around for 5 years but is a fantastic small business owned and operated by Susan and Graham Gaiger. I love that the couple does their best to meet up with everyone who rents from them. When my friends visited, they rented from Campa South and the Gaigers even shared advice, stories, and must-see areas – they really went the extra mile. It’s such a refreshing, personalized, and comfortable approach that’s hard to find in a campervan rental!

They have a small fleet of 20 vehicles equipped with camping essentials. They don’t offer extras because they give you everything you already need! However, if there is anything you would like that isn’t included, feel free to ask before or during check-in and someone will make sure you get the answers you need. To see everything included with your rental, read the full list here.

Each of their 5 campervan models is certified self-contained and only one of their models is a manual transmission (Standard Hi-top Campervan). Each is built with simplicity and convenience in mind. When stepping inside my friend’s campervan, it definitely felt cozy and well thought out! You can check out the details of each model their website.

While you can technically sleep up to 3 people in some of their campers, they’re ideally made for 1-2 people (to be the most comfortable). It is important to note that unless you have a seeing-eye dog, no other animals are allowed.

They offer pick-up and drop-off from both Christchurch and Auckland with one-way hires subject to a relocation fee. AA roadside assistance comes included with your rental in the rare occasion something goes wrong on the road. However, their fleet is very well maintained so that’s less likely to be an issue.

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Is renting a campervan in New Zealand worth it?

View out the back of a luxury campervan at a lake in New Zealand

I think experiencing New Zealand by campervan is the best way to see the country and offers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You can go where you want, wake up in beautiful places, and do incredible things along the way. You can even try one of my many epic New Zealand road trips that I’ve already planned for you!

While renting a campervan can be expensive at first glance, I’ve found that it’s cheaper in the long run since New Zealand offers plenty of places to freedom camp totally free of charge. Hotel costs can add up quickly. Even holiday parks where you have to pay to camp are dirt cheap in comparison!

To gather even more info on the topic, check out my guide to renting a campervan in Auckland. And if you’re heading to the South Island, I also have guides to renting a campervan in Queenstown and Christchurch. If you’ve never road-tripped in a campervan, I know it can be a bit nerve-wracking, so I want you to feel as prepared – and excited – as possible! And trust me, you’re in good hands with any of the companies I listed above.

So if you’re ready to have the ultimate road trip through New Zealand, do yourself a favor and rent a campervan. I’m positive you won’t regret it! 

Hot Tip: Compare ALL campervans available for rent in New Zealand on Motorhome Republic! Their booking system lets you easily compare various models, companies, prices, and features all in one easy place.

Thanks for reading!

Bailey takes a selfie in raglan, NZ
Thanks for reading!

I’ve had so much fun road tripping thorugh New Zealand by campervan – and gotten to know the different campervan companies as a result. This list includes the top 5 companies that I feel are most reliable, with JUCY being my number one. Whichever rental company you choose, I hope this guide gets you one step closer to that memorable road trip!

If you’re looking for more help planning your travels, check out my blog all about New Zealand. I’ve lived here for many years and traveled all over, and want to help you do the same! To get started, just click on one of the links below. And as always, thanks for reading!

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