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Hikes in New Zealand

Hikes in New Zealand

One of my all-time favorite things to do in New Zealand is hiking. There are so many beautiful trails, and the scenery varies from coastal views to lush forests. I’ve even been on some icy glacier excursions!

Honestly, I never get bored hiking here because the change of season can make a routine trail seem completely new.

I’ve hiked all over the South Island and the North Island, and have created blog posts with some of my favorite hikes in each area. Don’t be discouraged if hiking isn’t your passion. My lists include trails for all experience levels, and believe me when I say the views are worth it!

Bailey poses for a photo on the Franz Josef Glacier Valley Walk

Best Hikes in New Zealand

This blog highlights my favorite hikes in New Zealand. I go into detail about the terrain, experience level recommendations, and the length of each trail with an estimated time to complete the journey.

I also split up the sections between the South Island and North Island. That way, you don’t have to scroll back and forth to figure out which trails are in the area. This is the best place to start for anyone looking to go on some unforgettable hikes in New Zealand.

My New Zealand Hiking Blogs

Hikes in Queenstown

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