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Lake Hayes Loop Track – A Peaceful Walkway with Reflections

Lake Hayes Loop Track – A Peaceful Walkway with Reflections

Lake Hayes Loop Track (also known as Lake Hayes Walkway) is the perfect easy hike in Queenstown for those looking for wildlife, stunning mountain views, and reflections, as well as a little bit of peace and quiet. The trail circles Lake Hayes’ perimeter and although 8 kilometers long, makes for a nice stroll any time of the year. 

I personally love visiting Lake Hayes at sunset. Although during the day the colors and mountains are beautiful, the trail can sometimes attract a crowd. During sunset though, I often have the place to myself!

If you’re interested in hiking Lake Hayes Loop Track, then there is some essential info to know before you go. And in this blog, I’ll tell you all of that info and more! 

Lake Hayes Loop Track Overview 

Distance: 8 kilometers (5 miles) return  

Elevation gain: 140 meters (459 feet) 

Difficulty: Easy  

Time needed: 2-3 hours  

Type of trail: Loop 

Lake Hayes Loop Track is a nice hiking trail on the South Island of NZ near Queenstown. Since it’s relatively flat and easy, the trail is a perfect activity for families with children or those just looking for a relaxing stroll. It’s also a popular trail for bike riding or a place where people go to hang out and even swim. 

The entire trail circles around Lake Hayes and is 8 kilometers (5 miles) long. However, like other loop tracks in the area such as Moke Lake or Mt Crichton Loop, you don’t have to walk the entire thing. Just start the trail and walk for as long as you feel before turning back the way you came! Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy the views along the lake from every angle, but it’ll still be beautiful! 

Lake Hayes Loop Track starts in the suburb of, you guessed it, Lake Hayes Estates. Lake Hayes is located about a 10-minute drive from Queenstown or 5 minutes from Arrowtown. The great thing about this hike is that it’s accessible by public bus too so you don’t need your own car to get there.  

Lake Hayes Loop Track FAQs 

Bailey walks along Lake Hayes at sunset
Visiting at sunset is much more peaceful than during the day

What to Pack 

Beautiful reflections of the clouds at Lake Hayes
If you get some clouds they make for beautiful reflections!

There are a few things you should bring with you if you’re heading oiut to hike the Lake Hayes Track including: 

Water – There are no water refill stations or fountains around, so bring your own.  

Good footwear – Lake Hayes Track can sometimes get very muddy. Wear suitable footwear! 

Swimsuit and towel – It is common to swim in Lake Hayes 

Money – It is free to hike Lake Hayes Track, but you might want to stop in at one of the nearby wineries or restaurants for a post-hike drink or snack! 

Sun protection – Lake Hayes Loop Track is only partially shaded. The sun in New Zealand is strong, so some sun protection will save you from getting a bad sunburn. 

Getting to Lake Hayes 

Getting to Lakes Hayes Loop Track is a lot easier than some of the other hikes in Queenstown. While the track is located about a 10-minute drive from Queenstown, you don’t need a car and you can actually ride the public bus! 

From Queenstown, take the number 2 bus heading for Arrowtown. Get off at Amisfield Winery. From here it’s only a couple hundred meters until you reach the lake’s edge and the walking track. You can plan your entire route using the local online journey planner.

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Parking and the Start of the Trail 

The sign at the start of the Lake Hayes Loop
The sign at the Lake Hayes Scenic Reserve

If you do drive yourself to Lake Hayes then you have a couple of options in terms of parking. The first is at the Lake Hayes Pavilion. This large banquet hall has tons of parking and makes for one of the best places to start the loop track.  

Your other option is to park at the Lake Hayes Scenic Reserve. It is less developed than the pavilion but you’ll find pit toilets here and signs for the Lake Hayes Walkway. 

Since the Lake Hayes Walkway is a loop, there is no right or wrong place to start the trail. Just jump on wherever you want and follow the trail around the entire lake until you are back where you started! It’s just that simple. 

Walking Lake Hayes Perimeter 

Lake Hayes and the Lake Hayes Loop Trail on a sunny day in New Zealand
What a beautiful day!

I find that walking Lake Hayes Loop Track is one of the most relaxing activities near Queenstown. The trail is well-maintained and not technical, making for a leisurely stroll.  

With that said, there is one incline on the side of the lake near Rutherford Road. Here, you’ll climb up a hill to a viewpoint overlooking Lake Hayes (picture under what to pack heading.) There is a bench here which makes for the perfect stop for a picnic! 

Along the trail, there are various steep sections heading down towards the lake’s edge. Head down to the water for a swim during the summer months (it’s one of the locals’ favorite things to do in the summer in Queenstown!) Lake Hayes is considerably warmer than Lake Wakatipu, so it’s a good swimming spot. Just do watch for water warnings, some years there is algae in the lake and swimming may not be recommended.  

There are also lots of ducks and Australian Crested Grebe that call Lake Hayes home. These birds are usually friendly and may even approach you in hope that you have lunch to share! 

Of course, the calm waters of Lake Hayes are what make this walkway special. In fact, it’s one of the most Instagrammable places in Queenstown with reflection photography opportunities at every turn! To see these reflections for yourself, be sure to head out on a day when there is little wind.  

One of the things I like most about walking Lake Hayes Track is looking at all of the beautiful cottages and homes around. I mean, sure the lake and reflections are stunning, but it’s fun to check out all of the fancy homes surrounding the lake! I often wonder who lives there, are they vacation homes, are they Queenstown locals? It’s just another element to the hike that I enjoy! 

Things to do Nearby 

a lady pours some wine at Akura Wines near Queenstown
Try before you buy? Yes, please!

Once you’re done walking Lake Hayes Loop Track, why not stick around and check out some of the other things to do in Lake Hayes. 

Just next to Lake Hayes is Amisfeild Winery and Restaurant. This is the perfect place to go wine tasting or have lunch! 

Akurua Winery is also located just down the road. They offer some of my favorite wine in the area! Plus, their gardens are absolutely stunning! 

Essential Things to Remember 

A hanin tree along the shore of Lake Hayes
A beautiful hanging tree at Lake Hayes!
  • Watch for signs about swimming and the water safety. Sometimes the lake isn’t suitable for swimming but it often is. 
  • Visit Lake Hayes on day when there is little wind. This way, you’ll be able to see the amazing mountain reflections in the lake. 
  • Sometimes the trail can be muddy. Wear suitable footwear. 
  • Parking is best at Lake Hayes Pavilion or Lake Hayes Scenic Reserve. Both locations can be found on Google Maps. 

Thanks for reading! 

A lady stands on the hsores of Lake Hayes and admires the view at sunset
Thanks for reading!

Lake Hayes Loop Track is a great hike in Queenstown, and one that I recommend for anyone looking for a quiet and easy trail! 

I hope this blog has helped prepare you for the hike, and if you have any other questions please leave them below. Be sure to check out the rest of my blogs about hiking in Queenstown, or even hikes in Glenorchy – I’ve written about a ton of them!