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Bob’s Cove Track – Lake Wakatipu’s Best Vantage Point

Bob’s Cove Track – Lake Wakatipu’s Best Vantage Point

Ah, Bob’s Cove. I’m not sure exactly what it is that makes this place the most magical. It might be the fact that the bay (although on the edge of Lake Wakatipu) appears like it could be a tropical ocean bay somewhere on an exotic island. Or maybe, it’s the endless flora and fauna everywhere you look. Or even yet, maybe it’s the simple Bob’s Cove Track viewpoint or the relaxing beach areas.  

Likely, Bob’s Cove is a special place because of a combination of all of these things, and the best way to experience it all for yourself is to walk Bob’s Cove Track. This is one hike in Queenstown you don’t want to miss! 

In this blog, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Bob’s Cove Track including the short loop to Picnic Point, connecting to Twelve Mile Delta, what to bring, where to park, and so much more!  

Bob’s Cove Track Overview 

Distance: Approximately 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) return 

Elevation gain: About 50 meters (165 feet) 

Difficulty: Easy 

Time needed: 30 Minutes 

Type of Trail: Loop track 

Bob’s Cove Track is likely the easiest hiking trail around Queenstown – so easy that practically anybody could do it at any time of year! In fact, the NZ Department of Conservation actually refers to Bob’s Cove Track as a “nature walk.” This is partially due to the fact that the trail is short and sweet, and partially because the trail showcases some very unique native bushes and plants.  

Bob’s Cove Track is a loop that takes you up to a lookout on Picnic Point over the cove and Lake Wakatipu. The stunning turquoise waters are nothing short of breathtaking. In the summer months, it’ll be hard to resist jumping in for a refreshing dip! 

Although Bob’s Cove Track is officially only a short 2-kilometer-long loop track up to the viewpoint and back, it’s often confused with the Twelve Mile Delta Track that connects with it. This was really misleading to me at first because some websites are wrong with this info, mistaking Bob’s Cove Track with Twelve Mile Delta Track.  

So, to prevent you getting confused (like I was), this blog is specifically about the official Bob’s Cove Track, which is in fact, the short lookout loop track.  

Related reads: Other easy hiking trails in Queenstown include the Glenorchy Boardwalk, Mt Crichton Loop Track, and of course, Queenstown Hill. All these trails are suited to families and those who don’t consider themselves avid hikers.

Bob’s Cove FAQs 

Views of the Remarkables from Bob's Cove
Remarkables from Bob’s Cove!

What to Pack 

A view of Bob's Cove from the Picnic Point Viewpoint on the Bob's Cove Track
Bob’s Cove from Picnic Point!

Swimming stuff – Within minutes of walking on Bob’s Cove Track you’ll come to a beach that is awfully inviting for a swim. Don’t make the same mistake I did and bring your swimsuit and towel! 

Sun protection – The trail isn’t shaded and you’ll need some sun protection.  

Decent footwear – Hiking boots aren’t required for this easy hiking trail but having some comfortable footwear would be great. The trail up to Picnic Point is steep and wearing sandals or flip flops might prove to be a challenge.  

Overall, Bob’s Cove Track is a quick trail and just your basic walking necessities will be suitable.  

Parking and the Bob’s Cove Track Trailhead 

A view taken from a pull over bay on the road between Queenstown and Glenorchy
The stunning road from Queenstown to Glenorchy!

The first step to hiking Bob’s Cove Track is to find the parking lot, which as I found out first hand, isn’t as easy as it sounds. The main issue is that the parking lot isn’t signed from the road which makes it easy to miss.  

Luckily, you can find the exact location of Bob’s Cove Track parking lot on Google Maps (gotta love them Google Maps!)  

If you aren’t a maps user, you can still find the trailhead with a couple of directions. Just head out of Queenstown along Queenstown-Glenorchy Road past Fernhill and the Moke Lake turnoff. After 12 kilometers you’ll see a large sign on your left for Twelve Mile Delta. Keep going for 2 more kilometers until there is a small turn off on your left. From this parking lot, you should see a sign for Bob’s Cove Track, and then you’ll know you’re in the right place! 

The sign at the trailhead of Bob’s Cove Track indicates that the loop should take 30 minutes. It also has information about other trails you can continue onto including Derelict Hut and Twelve Mile Delta. I personally recommend just hiking Bob’s Cove Loop Track as it’s the most beautiful portion. You can always drive to Twelve Mile Delta afterward to check out that area if you’re curious! 

Bob’s Cove Beach 

The beach at Bob's Cove
On a hot day this would be the perfect place for a swim!

To me, the best part about Bob’s Cove is the beach! That’s right, after only a couple of minutes of walking on Bob’s Cove Track, you’ll come to a lovely beach. From here it’ll be hard to convince yourself to keep walking as you’ll likely want to set up for a swimming and sunbathing session! 

In my best advice, leave the beach for now and keep moving to the viewpoint. You can stop at the beach on your way back and stay as long as your heart desires. Even pack a sneaky snack or a few drinks to enjoy here at sunset – it’s one of the most relaxing things to do in Queenstown

Historic Lime Kiln and the History of Bob’s Cove Track  

As you continue along Bob’s Cove Track you’ll reach a historic lime kiln from the 1800s. Wakatipu Lime Company used this structure back in the day to process limestone from the area. 

This is only a small portion of the history of the area. In fact, Bob’s Cove was named after Bob Fortune, the commander of the William Ree’s (the founder of Queenstown) boat. Bob Fortune used to spend a lot of time in Bob’s Cove, especially during storms where it was a safe place to go.  

But long before Bob, the Maori people also cherished Bob’s Cove. They called it “te Puna-tapu” which means sacred pool. It’s very clear that people all throughout history have really enjoyed Bob’s Cove, and it was likely as magically back then as it remains today.  

The Jetty 

The Jetty at Bob's Cove, Queenstown
Even on a moody day it’s breathtaking!

Continuing along the trail past the lime kiln you’ll wind your way through lots of native plants as you walk around the bay. Eventually, you’ll come to a wooden jetty (or dock) which makes for the perfect place to take a couple of those Insta-worthy pictures.  

This jetty also marks the end of the easy portion of Bob’s Cove Track. From here, you’re in for a bit of a workout! 

Picnic Point 

Climbing up the Picnic Point on the Bob's Cove Track
One our way to Picnic Point

Picnic Point is a lookout located up on a hill. It’s a fairly steep climb, but it is also short and can easily be accomplished in five minutes or so. Don’t be fooled though, this section of the trail will have you huffing and puffing (as it did for me.)  

Keep pushing on though until you reach the top. From here, it’s all about taking pictures of the incredible view and then making your way back down the hill along the track on the other side.  

Tip: The best spots for photos are at the very top and on the way back down from Picnic Point. So, don’t waste too much time stopping for photos on the tough climb up.  

The walk back down from Picnic Point can be a little tricky in wet or icy conditions. Hiking poles would come in handy in this case, or at the very least, take your time.  

Continue on to Twelve Mile Delta or Call it a Day 

Views from 12 Mile Delta near Bob's Cove, Queenstown
The views from Twelve Mile Delta

Once at the bottom of Picnic Hill you have two options: 1) go left and continue on Bob’s Cove Track back to the parking lot where you started, or 2) go right and hike on to Twelve Mile Delta.  

The latter option is a lot longer and will add an additional 4 kilometers to your hike. 

If you continue back towards the parking lot then you can relax at the beaches and take your time – that’s exactly what I always do!  

Thanks for Reading!

A selfie of Bailey at Bob's Cove near Queenstown
Thanks for reading!

Bob’s Cove is a beautiful place to explore and one of the best things to do in Queenstown! Bring your swimsuit, a camera, and enjoy the views!

Be sure to let me know if this hike lived up to your expectations once you complete it – you can comment below! Also, browse the remainder of my Queenstown hiking blogs for more inspiration and amazing trails in the area!